2nd Test, Brisbane, January 25, 2024, 09:30 AM

West Indies
311/10(108.0ov) & 193/10(72.3ov)
289/9(53.0ov) & 207/10(50.5ov)

West Indies beat Australia by 8 runs

That is all! Pat Cummins and his teammates celebrate. The series ends all square and they retain the trophy. Wow, what a match! West Indies, with all the things happening with them, just needed this kind of match and a couple of motivated players to get them back on top. Still, a long way to go but a bright future ahead of them. Thanks for joining for the coverage. Hope you enjoyed it. Goodbye and cheers!
Pat Cummins says he is disappointed but it was a fantastic match and credit to Shamar Joseph for the way he bowled. Adds they were confident coming today, the score was achievable but in the end, the bridge was too far. Mentions it wasn't a surprise, Steven Smith has done for 15 years and he almost single-handedly took the team over the line. Tells the bowling group has done well for the past few months, they can hold their heads high. Shares this game humble's them quickly but sometimes the lessons are learned hard way. On West Indies, says they are always exciting to watch, exciting celebrations as well but overall a fantastic Test match to play. Ends by saying he is looking forward to the future.
Kraigg Brathwaite says they won a Test match in Australia and it is amazing. Adds his message to the players is, this is just the beginning and they need to continue. Shares they are extremely proud. They had two words that inspired in this Test match, Mr. Rodney Hogg said that they were pathetic and hopeless. That was the inspiration. Tells probably an hour before the play he got to know that Shamar Joseph is available. On Shamar Joseph, he is a superstar, he will do great things for the team and the others need to follow the same and fight for the team.  His belief is incredible, he told that he won’t stop bowling till they win it. Ends by saying he would love to play more Test cricket.
Shamar Joseph is the Player of the Match and the Player of the Series as well. He says his teammate encouraged him and gave a lot of support. Adds he wasn't sure if would play but credits the doctor. Tells the talk was just to take wickets after wickets and stick to the basics, stick to his length. Reckons it feels like they have won the series with the way they have played. Mentions tears are flowing but it is a big day, they want to celebrate and enjoy. Says he told the skipper he would bowl till the last wicket falls! Credits the teammates for helping him to get through the pain last night. Credits the doctor again, says he was in pain but the doctor pushed him to get on the bus and get to the ground. Reckons he made a lot of sacrifice but he just continues to work hard, learn from the senior players.
... Presentation....
Day 4, afternoon and here is the young man ready to charge up, 5 hours later he is carrying a medal around his neck. Steven Smith and Cameron Green watchfully played the opening hour but once Green fell, Shamar Joseph made sure the hosts do not recover again. He bowled from one side with a broken toe for the whole session and took 6 wickets. Came back for the second session and took the last wicket to get it done. A credit note for Steven Smith, he had pressure as an opener but stood like a wall. Played his shots when wickets were falling over and almost took his team over the line but didn't get the able support.
Australia lost Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne. However, it was the host's game to lose still. One moment we forget and the most important one which will make the headlines. Third innings, 72.4, Mitchell Starc to Shamar Joseph,  A yorker, right at the base of leg. Shamar Joseph gets his foot out to defend but misses and gets hit right on the toes. That looks really painful. Shamar Joseph is walking off and not sure if he will bowl again.
Australia, in reply were rattled 54/4 but Usman Khawaja and Alex Carey put them back on track and Cummins's fifty late in the innings helped them get close to the Windies score. Pat Cummins was still not out with Josh Hazlewood the last man available but the skipper decided to declare the innings and make the most of the last phase. They did get one wicket but West Indies recovered well as the middle order stepped again. Australia did bowled well though and a chase of around 215 runs was set.
Who said Test cricket has died? This kind of match separates this format from the other. There is so much to talk. The declaration in the first innings from Pat Cummins, did that backfired? Looks so! You compare both matches and the most important part was the way the Windies middle order batted this time. The partnership of Joshua Da Silva and Kavem Hodge when West Indies were 64/5. It did showed that we are up for a different West Indies side. Both added around 150 runs, and later Kevin Sinclair's fifty helped them score more than 300.
Just look at Shamar Joseph. He is running all over the Gabba! Shamar Joseph, you can have my toe if you want! One man army, playing his second match, toe gone, not sure if he will bowl or not and here he is with 7 wickets. Build this man a statue already!
In over# 51
Shamar Joseph 68/7(11.5)
OUT! BOWLED! UNBELIEVABLE! MADNESS! JOSEPH HAS DONE IT! On a length and around off from around the wicket. Josh Hazlewood gets on the front foot to defend but misses and it goes past his edge and hits the stumps. OFF POLE IS GONE. WINDIES WIN BY 8 RUNS.
ONE! Length ball, outside off. Smith punches it to deep point for a single. Time for Josh Hazlewood.
This is full and around off, Smith blocks it out.
TWO RUNS! On a length and outside off. Smith dabs it to the right of third man and calls for two. Makes it easily.
Bangs it short and on middle, Smith lets it go over his head.
In over# 50
Alzarri Joseph 62/2(17)
A bumper on leg and Josh Hazlewood has nothing to do with it.
A yorker, just outside off. Josh Hazlewood looks to dig it out but misses. One more ball to survive...