Match 17, Delhi, March 10, 2024, 07:30 PM

Delhi Capitals
Royal Challengers Bangalore

Delhi Capitals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 1 run

Best Batsmen
Best Bowler
Man of the Match
Jemimah Rodrigues
Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. The Women's T20 League will return on 11th March. In this game, Gujarat will be locking horns against UP. The first ball will be at 7.30 pm IST (2pm GMT) but as you all know, you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, take care and goodbye.
Jemimah Rodrigues wins the Player of the Match award for her brilliant half-century. Firstly she is happy they have two days to recover from this victory. Mentions the talk during the strategic break was only to focus and continue bowling well and take the game deep. Felt more experienced in this game as they have been some part of last-over thrillers plenty of time. She just focused on taking effective runs, but feels it was a team effort which helped them to get over the line. Praises Richa Ghosh for her knock but adds that she feels for her.
Meg Lanning, the skipper of Delhi, says that that was really stressful. She adds that she always tries to stay calm and that is really important. She says that they had set a good target and just needed to bowl well. Mentions that the batting lineup was changed according to the situation and ends by saying that she is happy with the win.
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Jess Jonassen, the bowler who held her nerves in the final over is in for a quick word. She says that she had her plans clear for the last over and it worked well. Adds that after the six on the second last ball, they had it decided on which line to bowl. Adds that Meg Lanning is a great captain, as she keeps her cool and tries to calm everyone. Says that it was very hard for them and it feels good to be on the winning side. Ends by saying that its a team sport and they will aim for the silverware.
Smriti Mandhana, the captain of Bangalore is in for a chat. She says that it is a tough loss to take. Adds that Richa Ghosh played excellent and it was just amazing to see her play. She mentions that he had a niggle so it was tough for her. She adds that she would have loved to play better but it just wasn't her day. She says that Richa is a quality player and ends by saying that they played good cricket.
Delhi lost the very first match of this campaign on the very last delivery to Mumbai and now, they have managed to defend 1 run off the final delivery. That is certainly an improvement. What a performance it was though with the ball in hand. It was Alice Capsey who drew the first blood, but then there was a phase when the bowlers just could not trouble the batters. Nevertheless, Ellyse Perry and Sophie Molineux were struggling with their communication and that eventually came to benefit Delhi as the second-wicket stand was broken through a run-out. Soon, Arundhati Reddy got rid of Sophie Molineux who was looking set. Then there was a moment when Bangalore conceded 17 runs in the 15th over which brought them back in the game. After that though, it was some great bowling showcased by Shikha Pandey, Marizanne Kapp and Jess Jonassen to make sure that it is Delhi that takes two crucial points away. Four bowlers chipped in with a wicket each to get across the line by the barest of margins.
Bangalore did a brilliant job early on with the ball in hand to restrict Delhi to just 181 on this batting paradise. Bangalore came in with the right intent, and a new gameplan. It was a new opening pair for them, which started off pretty nicely, although their skipper could not stick out there for long. Sophie Molineux though got off to a positive start. She continued to get boundaries at regular intervals, although she got this motivation after seeing the way Ellyse Perry got going at number 3. These two repaired the innings for their side, but they both fell in quick succession and allowed Delhi to come back in the game. Richa Ghosh though held her nerve really well, but she could not take them home.
OH MY GOSH! Richa Ghosh, you did everything in your power to take you side home, but from the outside prespective, this Women's Indian T20 League continues to reach new heights, but for now it is Delhi that are on the peak. Richa Ghosh seems to be in tears, but a good gesture by Jemimah Rodrigues and then Shikha Pandey who brings out a warm hug, for a fair fight. Delhi have cemented their spot in the top three.
In over# 20
Jess Jonassen 39/0(3)
OUT! RUN OUT! What a game of cricket we have seen here! Touch short and on off, Richa Ghosh taps it to point for a quick single. Shafali Verma is quick to throw the ball towards Jess Jonassen who makes a run out! The umpire goes upstairs to have a check and replays show that Richa Ghosh's dive fell just short of the crease. Delhi beat Bangalore by just 1 run!
SIX! It is all happening here at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi! FIFTY up for Richa Ghosh! A half tracker that sits up to be hit, Richa Ghosh gets low and clatters it all the way over deep mid-wicket for a maximum! 2 needed off the final delivery now! Are we in for a super over?
A length ball, on the pads. Richa Ghosh sweeps it behind square on the leg side. The batters take two runs. 8 runs needed in 2 balls.
OUT! RUN OUT! Slower one, on off, Richa moves forward and lofts it over extra covers. There was a no second run but she takes it anyways to get on strike. Arundhati Reddy throws it towards Jess at the bowler's end who has an easy run out to make. The third umpire checks for the replay to check whether the batters had crossed each other on the return run before the bowler took off the bails. It shows that they has crossed and Richa Ghosh comes on strike for the next ball!
Have the batters crossed here? The third umpire continues to have a closer look. Has Disha Kasat gone past Richa Ghosh. If she has then, Richa Ghosh will be on strike. Yes, she will be on strike.
Fuller one, on off, Richa Ghosh drives it to extra covers. Restricts for a single!
SIX! What a shot! Slower one, on middle, Richa Ghosh dances down the wicket and lofts it downtown fora biggie! 11 needed now!
Disha Kasat walks in at number 7.
In over# 19
Shikha Pandey 34/1(4)