Final, London, August 27, 2023, 06:45 PM

Southern Brave Women
Northern Superchargers Women

Southern Brave Women beat Northern Superchargers Women by 34 runs

Best Batsmen
Best Bowler
Man of the Match
Danni Wyatt
Right then, that is all we have for the final and Women's Hundred 2023 where Southern Brave Women become champions for the first time in their history. A fine season for them finishing on top of the table and finally winning the final of this competition to bid adieu to their skipper Anya Shrubsole. The trophy is handed over to her and she lifts it up with the whole team and the staff as they go on a victory lap. However, the action does not stop here as we have the Men's Hundred 2023 final coming up between Manchester Originals and Oval Invincibles. You can just switch tabs to enjoy all the coverage of that game. Cheers!
Anya Shrubsole, the victorious skipper of Southern Brave Women says that she is feeling all range of emotions and feels delighted to be on the winning side. Adds that they felt that they had played amazing and had always been good in the tournament and they won it l this time around. Mentions that the side lost some big names but still managed to cope well and perform in a way they have is remarkable.
Danni Wyatt is the PLAYER OF THE FINAL. She expresses her delight over her tournament performance. She highlights the significance of the victory, deeming it a fitting farewell for their teammate Anya Shrubsole winning the title holds great importance for their team, especially after having reached the finals on two occasions previously without clinching the championship. Wyatt relishes her batting partnership with Smriti Mandhana at the top and attributes their successful campaign to their collective efforts, ultimately culminating in their championship victory. Her words reflect the team's sense of accomplishment and the joy of finally securing the cup.
Time for Presentation Ceremony...
Lauren Bell to share a few words now. She shares her elation about the way the tournament unfolded for her and her team. Reflecting on a standout moment, she recalls a pivotal run-out and describes how she managed to keep her composure in that high-pressure situation. Bell expresses the sheer joy she experienced when she realized that the opposing batter was indeed out. She attributes a significant part of her positive experience to the leadership and partnership of Anya Shrubsole, highlighting her as an exceptional leader and a valuable bowling partner. Lauren's words echo a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie that have contributed to her team's success in the competition.
Georgia Adams is up for a quick chat. She says that she feels great to contribute with the ball more than bat in a championship-winning cause. Adds that this has been a brilliant season for them and the leadership of Anya Shrubsole was key for all of us with her retirement being an extra motivation for all of us.
Earlier in the game, after being asked to bat first, Southern Brave Women posted a very good total on the board courtesy of a fine fifty from their best batter of the season Danni Wyatt who got good support from Georgia Adams while a quick-cameo from Freya Kemp made sure that they finish on a high. The experienced Kate Cross was the best bowler for Northern Superchargers Women with Grace Ballinger and Lucy Higham chipping in with one each. However, the score proved to be too much for their batters as they fell short by 34 runs.
Southern Brave Women, on the other hand, were right on the money with the ball and with their fielding as well. It looked like they wanted it more than their opponents and everyone was giving their all to get over the line. Lauren Bell set the tone for them by getting rid of Marie Kelly on her second delivery while along with her Chloe Tryon, Kalea Moore, and Anya Shrubsole all of them managed to pick up wickets in the middle overs and never let the batters settle in. Bell and Moore ended up with three wickets each while Tyron picked up a couple, and fittingly they bowled their opponents out to win the title.
Northern Superchargers Women got off to the worst possible start losing Marie Kelly in the very first over. The other opener Jemimah Rodrigues stuck to the middle but watched her partners getting starts and then lose their wickets which never let them get any sort of momentum. They needed someone to replicate what Freya Kemp did for Southern Brave Women, but unfortunately for them, no one was able to step up for them. Rodrigues was their top scorer with 24 runs while no other batters crossed the 20-run mark which is unacceptable in a big game like this and they have paid the price for it big time.
IT IS THIRD TIME LUCKY FOR SOUTHERN BRAVE WOMEN AS THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF WOMEN'S HUNDRED 2023! They finally have their hands on the trophy after being denied in the previous two attempts. A perfect farewell for their skipper Anya Shrubsole as she ends her career on a high leading the side to the title. Northern Superchargers Women played some good cricket throughout the season but failed to turn up for this big final and will need to settle as runners-up this season.
In over# 19
Lauren Bell 21/3(3.4)
OUT! IT IS ALL OVER HERE IN LONDON! Southern Brave Women have won The Hundred Women 2023. Fuller one outside off, Kate Cross shuffles to her leg and drills this towards extra-cover. Georgia Adams gets a good hand behind this one and throws at the non-striking end toward Lauren Bell. Bell collects this clean and removes the bails with Grace Ballinger short of her crease. Southern Brave Women clinches their maiden title after losing the first couple of finals.
Slower one around the pads, Grace Ballinger looks to go big but misses out completely and gets undone with the pace off this one. The batters run a single and Lauren Bell collects this and hits the stumps on the striker's end but the batter is safely in her crease.
Slower one following the batter to her leg, Grace Ballinger looks to swing but misses out completely.
Grace Ballinger is the new batter for Northern Superchargers Women.
OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! On a length outside off, Lucy Higham moves to her off looking to scoop this one over the short fine leg fielder but the pace off on this delivery does the trick for Lauren Bell as Lucy Higham ramps this straight down the throat of Kalea Moore for her dismissal. Southern Brave Women are just one wicket away from clinching this title.
In over# 18
Chloe Tryon 28/2(4)
FOUR! Even better connection this time and it runs away for a boundary. Short of a length around off, Kate Cross smashes this all along the ground piercing the field on the off side for a boundary. Can Kate Cross bail her team out of this tricky situation?
On a length around off, Kate Cross smashes this towards deep extra-cover for a couple.