Final, Potchefstroom, January 29, 2023, 05:15 PM

England Women Under-19
India Women Under-19

India Women Under-19 beat England Women Under-19 by 7 wickets

Best Batsmen
Best Bowler
Man of the Match
Titas Sadhu
Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game and also the inaugural edition of the Women's U-19 T20 World Cup. This tournament has certainly raised the bar for Women's cricket and that is a huge boost for the game of cricket. Well then, the focus now will shift to the ICC Women's T20 World Cup will begin from February 10th. Make sure you do not miss any action. Until then, take care and goodbye!
Just after the interview, Shafali Verma collects the trophy and lines-up with her squad for a team-photo. So, India Women Under-19 are shining under the sun here in South Africa as they become the first ever U-19 Women's side to lift the World Cup. Smiles all across the Indian camp and they truly lit the tournament with the way they played.
Now, it is time for the victorious team to collect their medallions and once it is done. Shafali Verma, the captain of India Women Under-19 joins in for a chat. She informs that all the girls were incredible. It feels really good and is glad every one is backing each other in the side. Verma is unable to hold back her happy tears. She credits the backroom staff for their tremendous support. She thanks BCCI to give her this side and she is proud to win the cup with this squad. Praises Shweta Sehrawat's consistent performances with the blade. Ends by saying that she will aim to win yet another trophy in February but this time with the Indian Women's team.
England Women Under-19 players are now called out to collect their medals which is followed by another chat with Grace Scrivens. This time she focuses on the team aspect. She says that they are gutted and feel it was the batting that let them down. Adds that their batting has been so good throughout the tournament but just couldn't do well today. Reckons that they went with the fearless mindset with the bat but it did not work out today. Shares that it was a huge privilege to lead the team and the support from the senior team and family has been awesome.
Grace Scrivens, the skipper of England Women Under-19 wins the Player of the Series award for her all-round effort. She starts by saying that she is pretty pleased with her performance over the course. Mentions that it is her first time playing overseas and is taking back a lot of learnings here.
Titas Sadhu wins the Player of the Match award for her exceptional spell with the new ball. She says that it is a surreal feeling and they had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Adds that they had a plan and it was all about execution. Shares that she does not feel lonely despite being the only pacer in the side. Reckons that they had a good idea where to bowl on this wicket having played a couple of games here. Ends by thanking her coaches.
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Archana Devi is up next for a chat. She says that it is a brilliant feeling and she is happy that they completed the job they came here for. Adds that she will look to perform well whenever she gets a chance. Ends by saying the fielding practice resulted in her taking that one-handed stunner.
Gongadi Trisha also joins for a flash interview. She says that it is a proud moment since this is their first World Cup. Shares that she is super happy and they had been waiting for this day.
Nooshin Al Khadeer, the Head Coach of India, is in for a quick chat. She says that it is a fabulous feeling and they have been waiting for this moment for so long. Adds that the belief shown by the girls was everything even after losing to Australia earlier in the competition. Shares that they had goosebumps right from the time of national anthem till the time they won. Ends by saying that god has been kind and she is keeping it simple.
Earlier in the innings, after being put to bat England Women Under-19 looked down and out right from the the get go, as they started losing wickets from the very first over. No one other Ryana Macdonald-Gay turned with the blade for England. It was once again a sorry performance with the bat for England in this competition. India Women Under-19 were exceptionaly good with the ball. Titas Sadhu set the tone and soon, the spinners came into the picture and never let the English batters breathe easily. Eventually, England Women Under-19 team's winning streak was broken.
England Women Under-19 bowlers did not have much to fight for here. Nonetheless, England started quite positively and saw a glimmer of hope once they saw the back of Shafali Verma who was looking in good touch. Soon, Grace Scrivens got the better of Shweta Sehrawat. Although, they could not find the third wicket as soon as they would've wanted too and that's where the game slipped away from them. Alexa Stonehouse and Hannah L Baker took a wicket each as well but in a losing cause.
Soumya Tiwari stays out till the very end and scores the winning run here. In no time, she is robbed by her team-mates who rush over the ropes and begin the celebrations for India. And, the Indian squad is into their victory lap here. The crowd is getting in on the act as well. India were off to a sparkling start thanks to a brisk innings of Shafali Verma. Although, India Women Under-19 were put under some pressure early-on their opening pair was sent back in a jiffy. Soumya Tiwari and Gongadi Trisha though came out at a precarious situation but they held their nerves really well. The two stitched a crucial stand to get their side near the victory line.
The final chapter of the ICC Women's U-19 T20 World Cup comes to an end and it is India that wins the inaugural edition of this tournament. What a day this is for Indian cricket. England could not replicate their heroic effort from the semi-finals against Australia and failed to get over the line here.
In over# 14
Hannah L Baker 13/1(4)
THAT'S IT! India Women Under-19 are the champions of the inaugural ICC Women's Under-19 T20 World Cup! Hannah L Baker bowls this one short and on off, Soumya Tiwari punches this one off the back foot towards cover. The fielder there fumbles and that is enough for India Women Under-19 to get over the line. Indian players charge onto the field with the tricolour and these are exceptional scenes.
Flighted, fuller on off, Soumya Tiwari goes for the drive but misses. The keeper takes the bails off but Soumya Tiwari was well in.
SCORES LEVEL! Floated and full, outside off. Soumya Tiwari leans in and lofts it over covers. They take two runs.
Flatter and on off, defended out.