Match 14, Birmingham, August 10, 2023, 07:30 PM

Welsh Fire Women
Birmingham Phoenix Women

Welsh Fire Women beat Birmingham Phoenix Women by 3 runs

Best Batsmen
Best Bowler
Man of the Match
Shabnim Ismail
Right then, that is it from this thrilling game where Welsh Fire Women have snatched the win from Birmingham Phoenix Women. However, the same two teams go against each other in the Men's Hundred 2023 at 11 pm IST (5.30 am GMT), but you can just switch tabs to enjoy all the build-up of that game. Cheers!
Shabnim Ismail is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for her amazing hat-trick. She says that she is still getting over the hat-trick.  Adds that she did not know that she would end with 3 wickets in the over. Mentions that she is pretty chuffed to take Welsh Fire Women over the line. Shares that they have the ability to bounce back and credit the skipper for backing her. Adds that they did well as a team and she backed herself to bowl according to the plan and win it for the side. Informs that they have a different team this year and they want to take baby steps toward the playoffs.
Earlier in the game, after being asked to bat first, Welsh Fire Women posted a good total on the board courtesy of a fine half-century from Tammy Beaumont and good contributions from Hayley Matthews and Sophia Dunkley, but they just lose the momentum at the fag end of the innings and couldn't finish on a high. Katie Levick, Emily Arlott, and Hannah Baker all of them picked up a couple of wickets each while Tess Flintoff chipped in with one. However, even after a fine fifty from Tess Flintoff and the power-hitting of Amy Jones, they fell short by 3 runs.
Welsh Fire Women, on the other hand, have pulled a rabbit out of the hat as they were behind for the most part of this game. They struggled very much to get wickets in the middle and the injury to Hayley Matthews during the chase proved to be a big loss for them as she has already won them a game with her bowling earlier in the season. Alex Griffiths picked up a wicket and bowled a brilliant second-last set to keep them in the game. Then it was all about the veteran Shabnim Ismail who writes her name in the history books with a hat-trick and got them the victory which looked nearly impossible.
Birmingham Phoenix Women got off to a flying start with both openers going hard at the bowlers. They added up 41 runs before Sophie Devine departed for 29 runs off just 19 balls. Tess Flintoff showed her variety of shots all around the park and Amy Jones went bang, bang right from the start. They found the boundaries regularly and their running between the wickets was great as well, but started to feel the pressure in the last couple of sets where the dot balls kept creeping up and they lost their momentum. Both of them added 93 runs with a half-century from Flintoff but it went in vain. They needed 9 runs from the last set with two set batters, but once again failed to get over the line as they lost three wickets on the last three balls of the game. Amy Jones remained unbeaten on 48, but they need a lot of catching up to do now in this tournament.
Take a bow, Shabnim Ismail! She has won it for the Welsh Fire Women and that too with a magnificent hat-trick in the last set. What a game we have witnessed here at the Edgbaston, and the visitors are all smiles, but Birmingham Phoenix Women are still without a win and they have just thrown it away here.
In over# 20
Shabnim Ismail 31/3(4)
OUT! TIMBER! Shabnim Ismail gets the HAT-TRICK and she does it for Welsh Fire Women! Fast and quick on a length and on top of off. Issy Wong makes room to cut it away but misses and the ball crashes into the stumps.  Shabnim Ismail defends this and delivers a third win in the competition for the Welsh Fire Women! Absolutely amazing scenes at Edgbaston as Shabnim Ismail is off celebrating with her teammates. Excellent away win for Welsh Fire Women and they march on.
Issy Wong walks out to bat now. She needs to hit a boundary on the last ball to get her side over the line. Also, Shabnim Ismail is on a hat-trick.
OUT! CAUGHT! Shabnim Ismail has two in two! Short of a length, outside off. Erin Burns looks to cut this one but gets a thickish edge that flies off straight to the short third fielder Claire Nicholas who hangs onto a fine catch. The game has completely tilted in favour of the Welsh Fire Women now as Erin Burns departs for a golden duck.
Erin Burns comes out to the middle now. Birmingham Phoenix Women still need 4 runs in 2 balls. Can she be the hero?
OUT! BOWLED! Shabnim Ismail bounces back in style! Full-length delivery tailing into the middle and leg stump line. Tess Flintoff advances and looks to play this across the line but misses it completely and the ball crashes into the stumps. A fine knock from Tess Flintoff comes to an end. Top Knock from the young Aussie! Birmingham Phoenix Women lose their second now.
FOUR! SHOT! Tess Flintoff gets the boundary at the right time! Good length delivery, on off. Tess Flintoff makes room, shimmies down, and hammers this through the covers for a cracking boundary.
Shabnim Ismail bowls this on a length and angled in around off. Jones pulls it away to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Shabnim Ismail to bowl the last set. Can she defend 8 runs here? Or will Birmingham Phoenix Women get their first win of the season? The next five balls have all the answers for us.
In over# 19
Alex Griffiths 23/1(4)
FOUR! Innovative from Amy Jones! Length delivery, around off. Amy Jones brings out the reverse ramp and connects it well to get it over the infield and toward the deep third region for a boundary to end the set.
Back to back dots! Terrific from Alex Griffiths! Full and wide outside off. Amy Jones goes for the drive but misses again.
Slower length ball, outside off. Jones shuffles across for the pull but fails to connect. A dot is like gold dust at this stage.